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Branding is #1 because it should always start here. We need to establish some branding to effectively work on the following projects. Branding starts with logo, color and font selections, often followed by marketing materials like business cards, brochures and more! We can even dive into your target audience, tagline, message, and vision. I offer various branding packages to help you develop these things, depending on your business needs and how deep you want to go. Your brand is how your business stands out – making it easy to understand, recognize and remember.


Website Hosting +
Domain Registration

When you’re ready for a website, this is where you start. I know there’s too many options and it can be overwhelming, but I can make it simple. I’m here to help! I can register your domains and host your websites. With this option, I’m able to keep a close watch, make sure everything runs smoothly, and do things quickly. If ever there’s a technical issue, I’ll be able to take care of it right away; no added stress for you. However, if you want to set up your domains and hosting yourself, I’m here for that, and I can guide you.


Website Design + Development

I specialize in building fully responsive websites on WordPress to integrate the systems you’re already using and ensure your website is user friendly, to everyone, on all devices. I can build quick and custom to suit your business needs and provide something that feels just right for you. I like to keep things simple, but always stunning. The end goal is that your website serves your clients, and makes business easier and more enjoyable. Your business needs a website, and I’m here to help.



Websites need to be maintained and updated regularly. It can be difficult, time consuming, and sometimes requires immediate changes or corrections to your website. My various packages offer a complete hands off approach to your website maintenance. In addition, a maintenance package ensures access to me if you experience technical difficulties with your website in the future. My maintenance packages range from your necessary backend software updates to that plus additional time monthly if you need regular updates and changes to your website content.


Social Media

In many instances, it can be beneficial for a business owner to personally manage social accounts or to hire such management in-haus. I offer 2 consulting options: 1. the kickstart package, where we make sure everything is set up and synced, cover things like names, bios, contact info, optimizing features, what to post, creating posts, planning posts, etc. and 2. on-going consulting, where we can continue with creating and planning posts, brainstorm and develop marketing ideas, and make sure your social media aligns with your business goals.


Social Media

Social Media Management is a done-for-you service where I brainstorm, create, plan and post for you. This is a personal relationship, where it’s important I get to know you and your business well to handle social media accounts on your behalf. I don’t take that lightly – for both our sakes. The SMM clients I take on are often client referrals, or we have worked together on other projects prior to. Nonetheless, with this service we would be in frequent communication for the first few months, consistently discuss your goals, what’s working/not working, etc. Clients opt for this service when they don’t want to do it, or don’t have the time.

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Knowing what you need is hard enough. It shouldn’t have to be hard to find someone who can help.

It’s me, I’m someone – and I can help. Check out these FAQs and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with your questions. Just because you don’t see your question here, doesn’t mean other people aren’t asking too. All questions are welcome and help me keep useful information up to date and relevant for all current and potential clients.





What all do you do for social media?

This is probably the question I get most often.

I focus on Instagram and Facebook and I have 3 options: the kickstart pkg, consulting and management.

+ Kickstart Pkg: We’ll work 1-1 to go through setup, bios, optimizing features, google listing, basic branding, content types, creating content, post planning, hashtags, engagement – you name it.

+ Consulting: (Kickstart Pkg is usually required first) We’ll build on this with regular calls to discuss marketing ideas, goals, ways to meet those goals and ongoing content creation and post planning support.

+ Management: You’ll want to read this full service description above, but this is a a done-for-you service where I will brainstorm, create, plan and post for you. I will get to know you and your business on a deeper level, and we would stay in communication about goals and marketing going forward.

How much do social media services cost?

I have approx. 3 pkgs per service: branding, websites and social media.

Social Media:
Kickstart Pkg – $750
Consulting – $750/mo
Management – $1,125/mo

Kickstart Pkg and Consulting spots available. I’m currently booked on social media management clients. Get on my email list for first updates of availability.

Branding pkgs start at $750
Website pkgs start at $2,250

(All pricing subject to change.)

Do I need a website?

Yes, yes, and yes. If you’re successfully operating without a website right now, I’m still proud. I know there are other ways to manage and grow your business, especially with social media, and I support that.

Here’s what you need to know:

1) You don’t own your social media accounts, and you can’t control what happens. Your social media account is always unstable. A social media platform could close up shop, get shut down or be changed in some way that doesn’t work for you. Your account could disappear, be blocked, banned, hacked, etc. When your business relies solely on social media, you are at the mercy of that platform and the company. When you have a website, that’s digital space you own; it’s not going anywhere unless you say so.

2) Without a website you are missing out on clients that a) don’t use social media or don’t use it as a way to shop, b) are not finding you on google or google maps, or c) can’t find needed info, that they were able to easily find somewhere else.

How much do you charge for a new website?

Prices vary by project but if you’ll fill out the form on my contact page I can get an idea of what you’re looking for and send you a brochure.

I have a website but I’m ready for changes.
Can you help?

Yes. We can start working together at any stage of your website process, and I love a good revamp.

Things to know:

  • Older websites often need more updates than meet the eye, especially if they haven’t been regularly maintained.
  • The first step of looking into updating a website built by someone else is gathering all of the information to inspect. What platform was it built on? Where is it hosted? Where is your domain registered? Do you have the credentials and direct access to these things?
    (It’s not always necessary that you do for me to help, but gathering everything you have will be step 1.)

I started building a website myself but I’m stuck.
Can you help?

Yes! Don’t worry, we can get through it together. I can evaluate what you have thus far, and give thoughtful recommendations on how we should proceed to get that website up and going for you.

I need a website and I have no idea where to start. Can you help?

Yes! And hey, I get it. I’m the digital media pro – if you had it all figured out you wouldn’t need me. Plus, a blank slate is my fave; it’s the easiest place to start. Choosing to work with me from the beginning means less stress and more fun for you. With me, you get a partner; someone who understands your business, someone to brainstorm with, get creative with – someone who can guide you through the process without all the overwhelm. All you have to do is reach out. Fill out the form on my contact page and let’s get this show on the road.

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