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I help beauty PROS show up, stand out, and serve their clients online.

branding. websites. social media.

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I’m tori;

the one woman circus here at Playhaus Media, with enough talents to keep you completely occupied. The most relevant ones being: branding, websites and social media, just for my beauty pros. While you create magic for your clients, from the outside-in, I create magic for your business, from the inside-out. With over 8 years of experience, a wild passion for skincare and good hair, and a special place in my heart for simplicity and systems that work, I can help you show up, stand out and serve your clients online. Through beautiful, intelligent and powerful media, I aim to make business easier and life more fun. You’ve got the beauty biz, I’ve got the tech skills – let’s play!



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In every job that must be done,
there is an element of fun.
Mary Poppins




This is where you stand out! Branding is where it all begins. Your branding is your business’ persona wrapped up into a nice little package that everyone loves to open. It’s designed with you, your goals and ideal clients in mind. Above all – it’s easy to understand, recognize and remember. Not only does your branding lay the foundation for your content and designs, it also sets the tone for your voice, vibe and style.



This is where you serve your clients! Your website is your online home – and you own it. It helps people find you, and establishes you as a reliable, professional in your field. Your clients can find the info they need, browse your services, book with you – and more! Your website can save time, help keep things organized and provide a seamless customer experience; it can also be a platform to provide growth for your future goals.


Social Media

This is where you show up and seize attention by providing your crowd with information, excitement and opportunity! Your social media exhibits your work, provides value, allows connection and builds trust. Know this: knowledge is power, consistency is key, and simplicity is the name of the game. With a thoughtful plan to use these tools wisely, you can create a place that people need to go, want to be, and love to share.

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WINK by Paxston

WINK is owned and operated by Paxston, a licensed esthetician and brow specialist in East TX. For her biz we’ve done branding, including logo, business cards, care cards, a door decal and product labels. Website in progress.

Bing’s Blooms

Bing’s Blooms is owned and operated by Hannah, a florist located in Burleson, TX. She specializes in custom arrangements for any occasion, including events and weddings. For her biz we’ve done branding, including logo and business cards. Website launching soon!

Common Parlour

Common Parlour, founded by Ashley, Whitney and now myself, provides business resources, support, education and advocacy for beauty industry professionals. For Common Parlour we’ve done branding, and a new membership website. Ongoing social media management, email marketing and website updates.

PurSkin Clinical

PurSkin Clinical is owned and operated by Kymberly, an aesthetician with over 30 years of experience and currently located in both San Diego and Temecula, CA. For PurSkin we have done branding, including logo, business cards, brochures and stickers. Kymberly was able to use her branding for her new skin care product line!

Natalie Falletta Skincare

Natalie Falletta Skincare is owned and operated by Natalie, a licensed esthetician specializing in glowing skin and beautifully sculpted brows in Coronado, CA. For NFS we do ongoing social media management, email and text marketing, and as-needed updates to her website and booking software.


Fibre the Venue and Salon is owned and operated by Ashley, a hair stylist and hair extension specialist with a long history of salon building, salon ownership, and education. Fibre is a booth-rental salon located in University Heights, San Diego. For Fibre we have done branding, including logo, brochures, ads and other misc. related projects. Ongoing social media management. Website rebuild in progress.

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